Sunday, July 14, 2013

Coma Berenices with Star Labels over Indiana

This is my first attempt at stacking star fields using Deep Sky Stacker since moving to the Indianapolis suburbs. It's been a while since I tried stacking faint objects like this, and I have a host of new targets in the summer sky. Facing west off my balcony, I tried to locate a clump of objects below Coma Berenices because it looked like a fairly busy piece of sky (and there is light pollution to the south blocking my views of the Milky Way and all its jewels).

I stacked 67 light frames and 18 dark frames, and uploaded the results to to help me label and identify interesting objects (green), then I identified the objects that were too faint for the system to pick up (white).

Coma Berenices
Each sub (light frame) was taken at 75mm, f/4.5, 4 sec, ISO 1600
Since this was only zoomed in to 75mm, I'll have to try again to take designated shots of M64 and M100. I don't think I can check them off my Messier object checklist until I get a little more detail. It looks promising that I can even make out a faint blob at 75mm with only 67 subs!

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