Monday, July 8, 2013

Busy sky: Light trails and fireworks over Brownsburg

I made this image on July 3, 2013 from my balcony in Brownsburg, Indiana. People were setting fireworks off in the surrounding neighborhoods, and plenty of flights were coming and going for the long holiday weekend. 

star trails over indiana
405 images stacked in StarStaX, each ISO 400, f/4.5, 18mm, 20 sec
When I got back from visiting my family in Dayton for the 4th, I took a couple more from my balcony to capitalize on the somewhat visible skies (fairly hazy really, but at least it stopped raining for the first time in like 9 days).

star trails over indiana

star trails over indiana
192 images, ISO 800, 15 sec each, point and shoot camera

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