Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interesting iPhone Light Trails with a Glitter Wand

I recently went out on an excursion to take some light trail photos with my friend Drew (post coming soon). We spent several hours in the woods, and I learned a lot about DSLR light trails. I wanted to try something new with my iPhone, so I set it up on my balcony at sunset. I used Slow Shutter Cam () and busted out the light up glitter wand I bought to make interesting rainbow light trails.

Light trail with Slow Shutter Cam app and glitter wand taken with iPhone 5

Against the bright evening sky, the wand is pretty much invisible (sometimes just a little washed out). The light doesn't show up too much, but the glitter provides an interesting effect. The rays of light that you see in the photos are actually not from the wand but from the sun bending through the clear plastic cylinder.

Behind the scenes look at my set up.. It wasn't planned out much, more of a happy accident
Another example, I went a little slower and the white wand is more visible

Contrast isn't quite as good in this one, but nice effect

Let's not get crazy now!

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