Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clean Dust from Canon Rebel XT Image Sensor

Urgh! If only someone had told me it was this easy to clean the dust off my image sensor I would have done it months ago! I bought a blower thing and I've been trying and trying to get the dust out, but nothing seemed to work. I figured I would have to pay to get it professionally cleaned or just deal with little squiggles on the edge of all my photos. I never knew my camera had a "sensor cleaning" mode that moves the mirror out of the way so my blower can get to work!

canon rebel xt image sensor dust
I got so used to having this dust here, I practically gave them names
canon rebel xt mirror
When you take the lens off, you notice the mirror is in the way of cleaning...
cleaning canon rebel xt
So duh, there's a mode for cleaning that locks the mirror up... I mean... I knew that
cleaning canon rebel xt

canon rebel xt image sensor
Now the mirror is out of the way. Don't breathe! Be careful! Use the blower!
Point the camera hole down and the blower up so gravity helps the dust drop out.
canon rebel xt clean mode
The camera will be in Clean mode until you turn it off.
No more dust! Thank jeebus!

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