Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Locate HD 162826 "Sun Sibling" in Hercules

You might have seen recent news items about the Sun's sibling star or "sister star" identified as HD 162826 in the constellation Hercules. If you try to locate this star in Stellarium or other star charts, it might not immediately appear because this star goes by many other names.

According to Wikipedia, other designations include 2MASS J17511402+4004208 , GSC 03093-01946 , TYC 3093-1946-1, BD+40 3225 , HD 162826 , HIP 87382 , HR 6669 , SAO 47009.

In Stellarium, the star is labeled HIP 87382 from the Hipparcos Catalogue.

Locate HD 162826 sub sibling
Location of HD 162826, aka HIP 87382, relative to Vega (Screenshot: Stellarium)
find HD 162826 sub sibling
Location of HD 162826 in Hercules (Screenshot: Stellarium)

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