Monday, May 19, 2014

M104 the Sombrero Galaxy with Canon T5i from Fixed Tripod

Messier 104, the Sombrero Galaxy is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo. It's very picturesque, and one of my favorite galaxies to look at. This was my first time attempting to photograph M104, and until the object appeared on the May 2014 observing list, I had no idea it would even be visible to my Canon T5i using a fixed-tripod technique.

M104 brings my Messier Object total up to 55 out of 110!

M104 the Sombrero Galaxy
M104 cropped and labeled from original image (below)

M104 the Sombrero Galaxy
Sombrero Galaxy cropped from image below

M104 the Sombrero Galaxy
M104, stack of 123 subs, 71 dark, 53 bias frames, each at ISO 6400, 300mm, f/5.6, 1.3 sec
Total exposure time 2 min 38 sec.

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