Monday, May 19, 2014

Coma Star Cluster (Melotte 111) in Coma Berenices

I'm familiar with Coma Berenices from last summer, but I was excited to get to know it a little better with a few objects on the May 2014 observing list. The Coma Star Cluster, or Mel 111 from the Melotte catalogue, is an open cluster of stars that sort of reminds me of the Hyades because of it's vague heart or V shape. This is a very busy piece of sky, but most of the stars are not visible to the naked eye from my location in central Indiana.

Coma Star Cluster
Coma Star Cluster, stack of 21 subs each at ISO 3200, 300mm, f/5.6, 1 sec with Canon T5i on fixed tripod

Coma Star Cluster in Coma Berenices
Coma Star Cluster (Mel 111) with labels

16 Comae Berenices (16 Com)
Crop from above photo, 16 Comae Berenices (16 Com) looks especially cool with its 3 faint neighbors

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