Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bottle of Wine and Wine Glass with Night Sky and Stars in Background

What a relaxing night over the weekend! I took these photos of a bottle of wine with a wine glass and the night sky full of stars (and the planet Jupiter) in the background. I'm so glad Spring is here, and warm summer nights are not far away!

Ok, you got me, I used a super descriptive headline for the blog post in case people are looking for a photo of a wine bottle with stars in the background.

Bottle of Wine and Wine Glass with Night Sky and Stars
f/8, 8 sec, ISO 1600, 18mm

wine bottle and wine glass in front of stars background
f/4, 4 sec, ISO 1600, 18mm

night wine glass and bottle with stars
f/4, 4 sec, ISO 800, 18mm

How about I top off this pseudo-product-astrophotography photo set with a CamelBak star trail portrait! I got tired of the same old balcony railing so at least these objects in the foreground make it a little more interesting.

camelbak bottle with star trails
Stack of 673 images each at 15 sec, f/11, ISO 1600, 22mm

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