Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Monday Night, April 14-15, First of Four This Year and Next

If you're lucky enough to see the total lunar eclipse from North America tonight (total eclipse begins at 3:00am ET), look near the moon for the bright star Spica, and the red planet Mars. If you're getting rain - and maybe even some snow - don't be too upset. This lunar eclipse is the first of 4 coming in a relatively short period of time. The next lunar eclipse is in October 2014.

lunar eclipse and mars
The moon and Spica within 9° of the red planet Mars - screenshot from Stellarium

Check out the NASA eclipse website with information about the next 3 lunar eclipses coming up soon! Be careful with the dates as well, like tonight the date of the eclipse is the 15th which means the early morning of the 15th and not tomorrow night. Here is a list of the next lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015:

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