Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jupiter at Prime Focus with Canon T5i on Meade 285

I wish I could show you what I saw with my eye (said every photographer ever). I observed Jupiter through my Meade 285 refractor (60mm, 2.4") last night. I was able to visually make out two red stripes on the face of a pale yellow orange dot. At something like 35 arcseconds in diameter, this might not be the ideal time to observe Jupiter - but it's still larger than Mars at only 15 arcseconds in diameter.

Because my camera takes 1080p video, the single frames are actually much higher resolution. I was able to see a faint dark cloud band in a single frame (not as good as with my eye through the eyepiece). My 6mm eyepiece focuses the light further away from the eyepiece, which is great for people who wear glasses so they don't have to press their glasses up against the eyepiece. However, this makes it harder to hold an iPhone over the eyepiece because you have to hover in mid-air rather than resting the phone on the eyepiece.

DSLR attached to refractor telescope
Canon T5i attached to my small telescope with T-ring and .965" to T-thread adapter

DSLR attached to telescope
Looking at Jupiter down the barrel

Jupiter single frame
Single frame (not stacked from video), one dark cloud band visible

astronomy fuzzy blob
Stacked from 1080p video at prime focus (just a blob)

Jupiter and moons from DSLR
Single frame at ISO 6400 compared to Stellarium screenshot

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