Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Make instant, thorough, and free star charts out of your own images with Astrometry.net

I noticed what looked like an automated commenter on Flickr posting information about what deep sky and stellar objects were located in wide field images. The poster was Astrometry.net, and the tool/service helps tag your images with stars and objects of interest for FREE.

You can create an account and upload your own images to discover what objects you may have inadvertently photographed (or which ones would be there if they weren't so dim).

After creating some of my own star charts, I find this service to be incredibly fun, but realized that it takes away a lot of the work and opportunity to learn about locating the objects for myself.

I also noticed that the wider the field of view, the more nauseatingly thorough the output. Check out my photos below with annotations from Astrometry.net. Some are very helpful and others are simply overwhelming!

diy star charts

astrometry star chart

astrometry star chart

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