Friday, March 29, 2013

Point and shoot moon with Canon Powershot A3100 IS

For a challenge, I tried to take a series of moon photos with my point and shoot Canon A3100 IS to stack in Registax. Let's just say it didn't quite work out like I planned. First of all, there is no way to manually change the shutter speed to faster than 1 second - so I had to shoot with a flash (and tape over it to not freak out my neighbors at night) to trick the camera into 1/60s shots. Even when at ISO 80 and -2 exposure the full moon was too bright. 

Behind some thin clouds, I was able to get some contrast detail on the moon, but I'm guessing the clouds messed with the focus because it's still kinda blobby. 

I also got several confused comments from my apartment neighbors as to what I was doing with such a tiny camera on a huge tripod. I felt like a major creep. 

point and shoot with flash covered
Covering the flash to get my camera to fire 1/60s without bothering the neighbors

canon powershot moon photo
This would have been my best moon photo 9 months ago, but now it's very meh...

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