Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two hour star trails before and after color correction

I took these 210 images at ISO 800 for 15 sec each using my point and shoot camera with the shutter taped down. I'm so sick of light pollution, but I'm also sick of jacking up the contrast to make my photos look cool - so I couldn't decide which one to post.

star trails in ohio
Color-corrected and contrast adjusted version
star trails in ohio
Original stacked image with yellowish light pollution at ISO 800
Which one is more "real," the one that looks more like a red brick building and night sky, or the one that was untouched out of the camera (after stacking of course).

What's with the checkerboard JPG compression in this post? Below is a PNG version to compare. Ugh, it's always something!

This two hour stack is long enough to illustrate that Polaris, the North Star, is not at the actual celestial pole. The curved trail shows that it is very close to the pole (within 1ยบ), but if the star were perfectly aligned with the pole it wouldn't make a trail at all! 

Green dot added to show approximate location of true celestial north pole

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