Saturday, February 2, 2013

Falling snow photos with iPhone using Slow Shutter Cam and flash

Nine straight days of snowy gray skies are driving me stir crazy, so I'm taking the time to learn more about iPhoneography apps and techniques. I've been in an iPhone photography mood since I got the Glif tripod mount, but I haven't had much to shoot overhead.

Here are some artsy pictures of nice fat falling snowflakes from last night. Some were handheld and some used a timer with the phone laying on the sidewalk. (No iPhones were damaged in the making of this post). In some of the images, the streaks look like grass - with texture from the ice crystals streaking past the camera illuminated by the flash.

falling snow on iPhone
3 photos layered in Filterstorm app, each about 2 sec each in Slow Shutter Cam light trail mode
This first image is buffed up a bit by layering several photos in Filterstorm (). The other images below are straight from the camera with no color correction or layering:

falling snow on iPhonesnow trails on iPhone

falling snow slow shuttersnow trails on iPhone

falling snow slow shutter at night

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