Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dying to use my Glif tripod mount for iPhone

It's rare that I buy a new accessory for a camera, but the Glif tripod adapter for iPhone is simply awesome, and technically it's a phone accessory. No more bent binder clip, welcome to the big leagues of mounting phones to tripods!

glif for iphone 5
A nice rubberized plastic feel, grips the phone well, with the security of metal 1/4" threads

There are a bunch of knock offs for like $4 online. I read some reviews saying they don't fit right but who knows. $20 feels worth it after using a binder clip for 9 months, I've had more than one project ruined by the mount shaking so at this point I feel liked I "earned" the piece of mind that comes with the higher price. 

glif for iphone 5
Glif for iPhone 5 - neat packaging from Studio Neat

My recommendation: Get the Glif if you have already tried something else and gotten frustrated, but I wouldn't go from zero to $20 right off the bat. After messing with other solutions for a while, the $20 will feel like a lot less. The security of doing it right and not having to worry about it anymore is surely included with the purchase!

The same company sells an attachment called the Serif that holds the phone more securely for extreme situations. So far (although I haven't even used it outside yet) I've found that the phone is snug enough. So I guess you could say my Glif is sans serif (har har har). 

Now if only the skies would cooperate, I could get on with my iPhoneography! The weather has been zany in Ohio - going from 57°F down to 25° overnight, and with plenty of snow flurries and hideous flat gray skies.

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