Sunday, January 13, 2013

The simple things that make a HUGE difference

This holiday season was very good to me! Although I didn't get a new camera, I did get some rather inexpensive items that are proving to be indispensable!

First up, this Rayovac LED head lamp was purchased as a hands-free night time dog poo picker upper utility, but it's proving invaluable as a light for setting up for nighttime shoots because it features a red LED light mode.

red Rayovac LED head lamp

Next, this device is a little gem - a wired shutter release and lock. No more taping a mechanical pencil eraser to the handgrip on my DSLR. No more re-taping a mechanical pencil eraser when the tape freezes and falls off 6 minutes into my shoot! It's simple, and simply the best.

Zeikos wired remote shutter lock

Finally, the must-have item that gets my butt off the frozen winter ground: A full size tripod with ball and socket joint at the top. I used to have to sit down behind my flimsy travel tripod, but now that I have a "real" tripod, I feel less awkward going out in my apartment courtyard to take photos because I look like a legitimate photographer and not some apartment complex creep. It's about the same boost in confidence I felt moving from a point and shoot to a DSLR. Star photography is not the first thing that comes to mind when you see someone sitting on the grass at midnight with a point and shoot. 

ball and socket tripod

That's all for now. Just remember, as you're dreaming of that new telescope or lens, to be grateful for the little things that hold it all together.

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