Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Space.com gave me the title "Skywatcher," that's pretty boss!

Ok, so anyone can submit a photo to Space.com for consideration for a story - especially around an event like a conjunction. Out of all the photos that were submitted, however, mine was 1 of 3 chosen for an accompanying write-up of the event, titled "Close Encounter of Jupiter and Moon Wows Stargazers."

space.com screenshot
My image on Space.com, 15 seconds of fame!

It's always fun to see my name in print, especially when I'm introduced as Skywatcher Eric Teske. I guess Skywatcher is the first level in the imaginary merit badge system I'm picturing in my head. The ranks would be something like this:

Skywatcher > Amateur Astrophotographer > Astrophographer > Astronomer

For some reason, Skywatcher reminds me of World of Warcraft. It has a mystical sound to it, like a lvl 50 Night Elf priest. (LFG need Tank).

What fun! I'm definitely going to submit more photos in the future (hopefully ones with round stars).

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