Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cold battery woes

How frustrating! There was a break in the clouds last night, so I ran to get my tripod. By the time I got outside, the clouds had reappeared. On top of that, my iPhone 5 battery drained from 50% to 0% in about 5 minutes.

iphone cold dead battery

It looks like my dream of long luxurious star trails on an iPhone will have to wait for slightly warmer weather. The 10°F ambient temperature outside sucked the life out of my battery like a Dementor's Kiss. I guess it should be no surprise, the iPhone's super slim design, conductive aluminum back plate, and recommended operating temperatures between 32° to 95°F all conspire to block my attempts.

I also cracked my Otterbox taking my phone in and out of the case too often. My next case will have to be easier to remove so I can quickly strip my phone for use in the Glif.

cracked otterbox case
I guess I don't know my own strength

Ok, these gear posts are getting old. I need some new content! Unfortunately, the forecast calls for more of the same through Thursday.

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