Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY iPhone Thermal Jacket: I like the way you work it (no diggity) I got to bag it up

Blue skies all day and then thick cloud cover as soon as I got off work. Typical. I saw a break in the clouds so I wanted to run out and try some quick iPhone star trails using the Night Cap app.

iphone tripod in bag to stay warm

The session didn't turn out so hot, but at least my camera didn't get too cold! I put a freezer bag over my iPhone on the tripod, cut a hole in the top corner for the camera to peak through, and taped the bag in place next to the camera lens.

iphone star trails
A little cloudy, but at least my lines are straight thanks to the tripod mount

I started shooting back to back 1 sec photos at ISO 3200, and after 20 min or so my battery had only dropped 2% (better than the 45% drop in 5 minutes last week). It's slightly warmer tonight (20ºF instead of 10ºF) but I attribute the improved battery performance to my little baggie windbreaker.

iphone tripod in bag to stay warm

An added bonus, when I brought my phone back inside, condensation formed on the outside of the bag instead of on my phone directly! Neato!

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