Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time lapse video on iPhone, still no tripod

My partner told me if I could find a $10 tripod I could go ahead and get it. For now, I'm making do with what I already have available around the apartment. Here is my first attempt at a time lapse video using the iPhone app TimeLapse:

Yeah, I shot through a screen with the iPhone sitting on top of a roll of tape. Not great!

I found this little stand laying around, I think it's used to prop your phone up on a desk to watch movies or videos. Spinning it around, it's a pretty good angle to look up and over the windowsill and to the sky.

I'm recording through the bedroom window because there's no screen in the way. Today is just a boring gray overcast day, but maybe an hour of time lapse will show me something interesting happening in the clouds that I can't see just by looking out the window.

I'm also using the focus lock in the TimeLapse app so the image doesn't jump in and out trying to re-focus before each exposure. We'll see what happens!

It looks like I found a great window perch to try some more videos later. I'm pleased that the clouds were more dynamic than I anticipated on this gray overcast day, but I'm not happy about the rain!

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