Sunday, April 29, 2012

Point and shoot star trails! I'm so excited!

Point and shoot star trails are definitely possible! I've been jealous of everyone's amazing DSLR photos of star circles, and I didn't think I'd ever be able to make my own. After reading my camera manual in great detail (and with the benefit of stacking software) I managed to get my first star trail picture!

star trail circles

54 images stacked using StarStaX, taken between 11pm-12am April 28, 2012. PowerShot A3100 IS, 15 sec exposure, ISO 800. I taped the shutter button down with a mechanical pencil eraser.

In hindsight I think ISO 800 was a little high, and I might tweak the final product a little in photoshop. But for now I'm just too excited!

And yes I finally own a tripod, I got this one from Walmart for $14. It's a Targus TG-42TT 42-Inch 8-Section Travel Tripod, and I think it makes my camera look like a miniature Sputnik. 

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