Sunday, April 29, 2012

Apple headphones as remote shutter release with Slow Shutter Cam app

It pays to read the instructions! Now that I have a tripod, I'm going to test out the Slow Shutter Cam app () on the next clear sky I come across. Since my PowerShot has a max exposure of 15 sec, I was thrilled to see this little app has a "bulb" exposure feature (unlimited time). The only problem was that I would have to tap the screen to end the exposure.

Well, according to the instructions, you can use Apple's earbud headphones as a remote shutter release by pressing the "+" button when the app is open.

Update: The volume (+) button works for the regular iPhone camera as well, in case you didn't already know that.

apple iphone slow shutter cam app

apple headphones volume control

apple iphone slow shutter cam app

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  1. wow, i honestly didn't know that before.. thanks for reading the manual man :) u just saved somebody! cool!