Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Complete! IAS Novice/Urban Observing List for December 2013

Although we only had about 5 total nights of clear skies in all of December, I managed to get 6 objects off the list all in the same night! On December 27 I filled 3 rounds of my 4GB memory card - emptying it on the computer and heading back outside between each round. My new Camera (T5i) is 18MP instead of 8MP and only fits about 150 RAW images per batch. I just ordered a 64GB card that should last me about as long as the battery (hopefully).

I also got a ton of new equipment for Christmas and my birthday, and I hope to take my astrophotography to the next level in 2014! I still need to get around to writing a full equipment recap for all my new stuff.

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