Monday, January 6, 2014

Clear Skies at 10° Below

Mother Nature is cruel. We've got nice clear skies tonight in Brownsburg, Indiana. We've also got lows of -13°F with current actual temperature of -10°F and wind chill -38°F. My dog won't even walk outside without picking up her paws to give them relief from the frozen ground. I should have invested in doggie boots. We also taped the balcony door shut because snow was blowing onto a nearby electrical outlet through the cracks.

Still waiting for the chance to take my EQ mount out for its first go, but it'll have to wait. Tonight, a few iPhone shots will suffice.

moon snow iphone fish eye
Clip on fish eye lens with iPhone, a beautiful "blue hour" icy scene

moon snow iphone
Sans fish eye, a beautiful icy scene

blizzard 2014 indiana snow on car
Yesterday was the second snowiest day (11.4 inches) in Indianapolis history (since 1884) coming in right behind March 19, 1906

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