Tuesday, January 7, 2014

38% Crescent Moon with Canon T5i: Frustrating First Images

I'm glad to unveil my first fixed tripod moon photos with the Canon T5i, however, these are probably the most frustrating images I've posted. It all started when...

My normal process for stacking moon photos from RAW DSLR files is to crop and convert them to TIF in Adobe Camera RAW then stack them in Registax. Simple! However...

Adobe Camera RAW doesn't recognize the CR2 (RAW) files from my T5i so I spent hours trying to update, reinstall Photoshop, patch the plugin, etc. - No success.

I discovered a work-around where I export the RAW files as TIF from iPhoto and then run a Photoshop script to open files as layers, crop them, then save layers as individual files.

I tried to open these TIF files in Registax and got a funky error, so I tried cropping them smaller (maybe the files are too large at 10MB each?) nothing, then tried saving them a BMP and loading them to Registax - it worked!

Then I stacked my BMP files and was underwhelmed by the results. Was it too hazy? Was there something wrong with my autofocus? Was it too cold? Was I just getting my hopes up too high for this new camera? I will have to try again on different moons to see if I can get better quality stacks.

moon registax canon t5i
Stack of JPEG images in Registax, each at ISO 100, 300mm, f/11, 1/50sec, High pass and desaturated in Photoshop

moon registax canon t5i
Stack of BMP images in Photoshop, each at ISO 100, 300mm, f/11, 1/50sec, High pass and desaturated in Photoshop

moon registax canon t5i
Stack 27 sec AVI in Registax, 30 fps taken with T5i at 300mm, desaturated in Photoshop

I had high hopes for the video but I forgot I would be getting frames at 1080p and not the full 18MP from the still shots. In this case, I think my best bet for videos is still iPhone + telescope and my best bet for still frames is at prime focus with the benefit of the T5i's live view to help me make finer adjustments than I was able to looking through the viewfinder on the Rebel XT.

So much more to learn and experiment with, I wish it would warm up!

tripod in the snow

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