Saturday, June 15, 2013

View from my new apartment balcony

Thoughts after my first week living in Brownsburg, Indiana... It's definitely not rural - even though we do have corn fields, the light pollution from the city and surrounding areas are distinct reminders that I am a 5 minute drive from sprawling malls, the intersection of 4 interstate highways, and the expanding residential communities of Indianapolis.

On the other hand, I've had nothing but thin layers of hazy clouds since I've been here (except the night that it rained for about 14 hours). With that in mind, I can't really give an evaluation of the sky on a clear night just yet. The light domes on the horizon were likely magnified by the reflective layers of cloud - making them look worse than normal. 

Clouds aren't all bad though, and I've gotten to enjoy a series of sunsets since day one. Here is a crescent moon from my balcony the night I moved in...

Crescent moon through evening clouds

And here's my view of the horizon facing west in the evening...

Screen shot from balcony sunset timelapse video, taken with iPhone

Setting sun with sundog (right) taken with iPhone
I'd estimate that I have a view of about 5ยบ above the horizon from NW to S, which is where a lot of comet and planet action takes place in twilight. I'm also pretty excited about being able to leave my camera out at night without worrying about it getting stolen since I'm on the 2nd floor. 

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