Saturday, June 29, 2013

Photos from museum exhibit 'Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination'

Well these photos aren't really night sky related, but who cares! It's Star Wars! This exhibit came to the Indiana State Museum, which is walking distance from my office. I got Chris to take me today after getting coffee with our new friend Drew.

The costumes looked like costumes, which I suppose is a credit to the lighting and special effects teams who made the movies into more than actors on a sound stage. The original storm troopers had black elastic holding them together, it was really amazing how "normal" some of the stuff looks off camera, away from the magic. The hand-painted models were the most impressive. It's amazing the amount of work put into something used in a handful of close up shots. 

Me hanging out with the original Yoda, ear hair and all

The original Darth Vader costume. This really hits home how low budget the first movie was, and how rectangular future gadgets were supposed to be. The black leather is showing its age as well.

Amazing detail covering every square inch of the Millennium Falcon

Large hand-painted model of the Millennium Falcon, about 4 feet across in immaculate detail

Hi little guy!

The original Chewbacca costume!

These two! Props? Costumes? Both?

Luke's X-Wing with great detail

My favorite piece in the exhibit. The actual original Yoda puppet!

Roger, roger!

This star destroyer was about 3 feet long, amazing detail!

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