Saturday, June 29, 2013

Various air traffic light trails

We don't have fireflies here in Brownsburg, but we have an airport pretty close by and like 5 hospitals with careflight helicopters - so it makes for an interesting and busy night sky. I took this with my point and shoot, which is why there are big gaps between the trails. Max exposure time is 15 sec and it takes like 10 sec to process before the shutter opens again.

star trails and air traffic
Stacked in StarStaX, each at ISO 400, 15 sec
My favorite is the one that bobs up and down, I'm pretty sure that was a helicopter. I'm gonna try again on Sunday night when there should be tons of air traffic with people coming back from weekend activities.

Drat! Checker-board JPG image compression artifact strikes again. Huf! Here is the PNG version:

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