Friday, November 16, 2012

Star trails over Bowling Green on a cold November night

After my excitement over the Orion Nebula and Jupiter in my last post, it's good to get back to some fun star circles - except it was freezing outside tonight! Where Jupiter is a quick pic, I forgot how boring it can be making star trails (especially when it is 28 degrees out).

star trails with canon rebel xt
98 stacked images, 25 sec each, ISO 200

This was my first stacked star trail image on the Canon Rebel XT. Since there was no moon to auto-focus on, I tried focusing on the apartments about 200 yards away. It seemed to work, plus focus isn't as critical with trail pics anyway. Notice how the trails aren't as dotted with the Canon Rebel XT! That's because the camera doesn't have to process for 10 seconds between each photo. Woo!

light pollution and orion
Beautiful light pollution (an oxymoron?)

This was one of my test images before I taped the shutter button down. I think it's pretty cool! It's almost like an inverted Northern Lights. Parking lot light pollution never looked so magical.

star trails over bowling green ohio
Rather messy, stacked right over myself in the foreground

self portrait with orion
Self portrait frame from previous stack

portrait of my camera
Photo of the Rebel XT from the PowerShot

photo looking up below tripod at stars
Looking up below the tripod

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