Friday, October 14, 2016

Hunter's Moon Putting Out the Fall Vibes

The full hunter's moon this weekend will put out some decidedly Fall vibes as it rises into a brisk autumn sky. With all the ambience of a pumpkin spice lattes, camp fires, corn mazes, and chilly night temperatures - I was feeling it tonight when I snapped this photo just a few minutes ago!

The hunter's moon peaks this weekend. It's currently at 97.8% full. Tomorrow (Saturday) it will be 99.9% full, and reaching perigee (closest approach) just after midnight Sat/Sun at 98.9% full - so basically a 'supermoon' if you're into that kind of stuff. According to PhotoPills it will appear 7.3% bigger than the average moon.

october 14 hunters moon 2016
Single frame with Canon T5i, ISO 100, 170mm, f/8, 1/125 sec
Cheers! Go out and enjoy this perfect Fall weather and check out the hunter's moon tomorrow night!

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