Sunday, October 9, 2016

Homemade Double Sided Solar Filter for Refractor Telescope and DSLR

double sided telescope and camera solar filter

I modified my DIY homemade solar filter for my DSLR to add a side that will slip snug over my Meade 285 refractor telescope. You can check out my previous post about how I made the initial filter, but it's basically a bunch of poster paper and tape around a $10 square of black polymer.

solar filter on telescope
Double sided solar filter fits on both telescope and DSLR lens
I only have one sheet of this black polymer stuff, so I made a double sided filter that fits on both. Look, it still fits on my DSLR 300mm lens.

solar filter on camera
Double sided solar filter on DSLR camera 300mm lens
I wasn't even planning on doing this project today, so zero planning went into it. It started when I was cleaning out a closet and found this cardboard mailing tube that had some posters in it. It looked like a good size for a solar filter that goes over the telescope. I tried it out and I was right, this 3 inch cardboard mailing tube was a perfect fit! A little snug but easy to get on and off.

mailing tube for telescope
Found out the tube was a perfect size!

mailing tube for telescope
Measured where to cut

cardboard tube cut
Cut the cardboard mailing tube with a large kitchen bread knife

cardboard tube cut
Kinda rough but it did the trick!
So next I took the existing filter that I made previously and I taped the tube to the other side. I wrapped another layer of tape around the outside to hold the other tape in place, and then guess what, I taped it some more.

The end result is this totally low budget totally makeshift solar filter. Fabulous! It still only cost me about $10 to make, and all of the real cost is tied up in the little sheet of black polymer.

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