Friday, March 20, 2015

Waning Crescent Moon with Instagram Perpetua Filter

I spotted the waning crescent moon out my kitchen window (have I mentioned how thankful I am that my neighbor's house doesn't completely obscure my view of the eastern sky?) and took my camera outside for a quick shot before work.

crescent moon rise in spring
Single frame, Canon T5i, f/6.3, 1.6 sec, ISO 100, 55mm

I used the new Perpetua filter on Instagram, which made the sky look like it went from aqua to gold. Not that the rising crescent moon with earthshine needed any help to look gorgeous, but it is fun to play around with the colors from time to time.

crescent moon perpetua filter

It also goes to show you that you can never believe what you see online these days because it's insanely easy to manipulate images.

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