Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crescent Moon and Venus as Celestial Chimney Sweeps

Chris and I saw the setting crescent moon with Venus as we came out of the Target parking lot on Sunday night. I figured by the time I got home the twilight would be gone completely and I'd just get another typical moon with Venus conjunction photo.

I waited a while longer until the pair was closer to the horizon, and I got rewarded with this scene! The waxing crescent moon with Venus on opposite sides of my neighbor's chimney. It was very whimsical. Whimsy is a word I'm learning to detest because in gardening it means throwing crap like ceramic frogs wearing overalls in your garden - but in skywatching, it means feeling transported to a sci-fi fantasy land where celestial chimney sweeps are commonplace.

venus moon with chimney over roof
Single frame, Canon T5i, f/7.1, 1.6 sec, ISO 1600, 125mm
venus moon roof chimney
Single frame, Canon T5i, f/7.1, 2 sec, ISO 1600, 160mm
venus moon above roof
Single frame, Canon T5i, f/7.1, 2 sec, ISO 1600, 75mm
What a happy accident! The above photo turned out to be one of my favorite from the year, and I didn't even plan on photographing the conjunction ahead of time. These suburban rooflines are becoming very handy foreground objects for moon photo.

moon venus and chimney
Single frame, Canon T5i, f/7.1, 1.3 sec, ISO 1600, 300mm

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