Saturday, August 2, 2014

Crescent Moon Over My Garage, Getting the Lay of the Land

I'm learning the horizons in my new neighborhood (even though they change regularly with new construction). I'm trying to learn what angles make good photos, and what objects will disappear behind what rooflines, etc.

Here is a "lay of the land" with the crescent moon over my house and garage. I used a higher f-stop number (smaller aperture) to try to get the moon and foreground objects in focus at the same time. This means I couldn't use my typical f/5.6, 15 sec, ISO 1600 settings that are so common, and had to play around with different combinations.

crescent moon over neighborhood
f7.1, 6 sec, ISO 400, 31mm

moon over my house
f/9, 6 sec, ISO 400, 18mm

moon over garage
f/11, 5 sec, ISO 800, 55mm

moon over garage
f/9, 6 sec, ISO 400, 55mm
It's also nice to get some photos of the side of my house before the house next door gets built. Our houses will be 10 feet apart, so I'll never again be able to get my entire house in a photo from the side like this.

I also noticed that my garage carriage lights have beams of light going UP the front of my garage. Since every house in the neighborhood has the same carriage lights, this is no doubt causing some light pollution. This development is sorta sneaky that way, there are very few street lights, which is nice - but it's because all the houses are built with light sensors on carriage lights that don't have their own off switch, I have to flip the breaker switch in order to turn my carriage lights off. I guess it's a trade off because I'd rather not have a bunch of street lamps.

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