Sunday, August 10, 2014

Can't Turn Off Picasa Auto Adjust RAW... Sayonara Picasa!

Welp, see ya later! This is majorly frustrating. I was trying to use my PC for all of my image transfer, archiving, and manipulation since a lot of my astrophotography programs are on PC. However, I noticed Picasa is automatically manipulating my RAW files to try to enhance them for me. Thanks but no thanks, Google!

And the best part? Unlike Google+ that annoyingly and automatically started "enhancing" my Blogger photos until I opted out, there is no way to turn this auto adjustment off. I looked at countless forums and everyone is equally annoyed. I think it's time to bite the bullet and just get Lightroom.

In summary, Picasa sucks as an astrophotography image organizer and transfer utility. 

screen shot picasa
Picasa's auto adjustment of my moon photo. What's the point of spending time calculating and adjusting exposures out in the field if Google is going to just wash over it?

screen shot iphoto
iPhoto is an example of an image organizer that doesn't auto enhance your RAW files so they appear closer to how they actually look! What a concept!

screen shot picasa
When your photo looks under-exposed with a lot of black showing (as just about astro photos should), Picasa tries to help you out by auto enhancing your photo and blows out the image beyond recognition.

screen shot iphoto
Here is a screenshot of the in-app appearance of the same photo from above in iPhoto.

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