Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tiny Things at Prime Focus: Albireo and Crescent Venus

albireo prime focus

I got some more experience at prime focus this past week, mounting my DSLR directly to the Meade 285 using the telescope as a huge lens. I was able to improve upon my best Albireo photo - previously I shot it using just the 300mm lens on the DSLR, which is able to resolve separation distances of about 28 arcseconds. At prime focus, the separation is much more apparent, and there is some black space in between which helps the color difference show up a little better.

crescent venus prime focus

I also turned my scope to Venus, and was able to identify its current crescent phase - however the chromatic aberration is quite apparent on this old refractor. Notice how the red and blue ends of the light spectrum don't quite line up - which means the lens is effectively acting like a prism when it is not supposed to.

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