Friday, December 27, 2013

Scope Nights iOS App Gets Facelift and New Features in Version 2.0

I love the iOS app Scope Nights because it combines the simplicity of traffic light weather forecasts (good, fair, and don't bother) with more detailed breakdowns, and predictions for remote and local locations. I use it to plan my observing and night sky photography ahead of time.

No weather forecast is going to be very good more than a few days out, but I usually look for a streak of more than one good day - that means I'm much more likely to actually have a good observing period somewhere in there.

stargazing weather forecast app
Before and after the upgrade to Scope Nights 2.0 - packing more information into the same space while keeping it clean

Scope Nights recently got a facelift to match the simple elegant look of iOS 7 on iPhone and iPad, along with some new features...

What's New in Version 2.0
  • Full iOS7 compatibility, look & feel
  • Improved ratings using cloud cover and precipitation probability
  • Moon phase observing threshold
  • Wind speed gust sensitivity switch
  • List of international dark sky parks
  • Clear period local notifications
  • General bug fixes & improvements
  • Advanced feature premium upgrades

I really like the clear period local notifications, in fact I got one just now about tonight's forecast! It looks pretty solid, hopefully the weather holds and I can try out all the new gear I got for Christmas!

scope nights notification screenshot
Clear period local notification for my area tonight! Thanks for the heads up!

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