Friday, October 11, 2013

Superb ISS Pass Over Central Indiana Caught on iPhone

I found out about a prime International Space Station flyover about 30 minutes before it happened here in Indianapolis. The ISS was visible almost across the entire sky, and went 90° directly overhead, up past Venus and buzzing by Vega. I wanted to try to catch the pass on my iPhone using Slow Shutter Cam (), my Glif mount, and the Apple headphones as a shutter release. 

iphone 5 tripod mount
iPhone 5 mounted to a travel tripod using Glif tripod mount, Apple headphone shutter release, Slow Shutter Cam app
Venus with ISS, October 11, 2013; 7:43pm
I saw the ISS appear right on schedule, but I didn't see the small trail on my phone's screen. I thought for a moment that maybe the ISS was out of frame, so I stopped and repositioned my camera...

take photo of ISS with iphone
ISS crossing paths with a plane. This is a good example of how they look different - the ISS isn't blinking

I got this longer exposure of the ISS crossing paths with a plane. The ISS was brighter in the frame, but I wish I had stuck it out with the horizon shot a little longer. This angle lacks the context and nice colors of the sky near a dark horizon. Oh well, still fun to watch and photograph a -3.3 mag pass of the ISS with a camera phone. 

I also recommend this Precise Time app () that shows local and UTC time simultaneously. Fun for satellite spotting, or just being anal about having the correct time displayed in days and seconds. 

precise time app

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