Friday, October 18, 2013

Another Fantastic Indiana Sunrise

amazing Indiana sunrise
Amazing sunrise taken with iPhone

I went to let the dog out on Tuesday morning, and when I turned the corner I saw this! I immediately grabbed my iPhone from my pocket and snapped some pictures. I tried to balance the light by tapping on the brightest part of the sky to show all the amazing color details.

amazing Indiana sunrise
Not sure why this one looks HDR, it doesn't look like this on my phone
Same photo after I turned off Google+ auto image enhance

2 minutes later, the light had changed the magnificent sky into a regular sunrise. What is up with these uploads? These last two photos look blown out in HDR but they definitely don't look like that on my phone. Hmmm.

Tuesday sunrise
A few minutes later and the sky was back to "ordinary Tuesday sunrise"

Then, just a couple days later on Thursday, we had rain and overcast during sunrise - which resulted in this strange pink glow. It was like night and day (ok technically that's what a sunrise is), so I used my iPhone panorama to show the change in sky color panning from East to SW. 

rainy sunset
Overcast rainy sunrise on Thursday

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