Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time lapse star motion on Canon PowerShot A3100 IS

I decided to turn several of the sequence shots I used to make my stacked star trail photos into a Vimeo movie showing the motion through the sky. It's a little choppy, and it looks better when I crank the speed up a bit - however, if I ran it any faster the video would become too short - so it's a little slow.

Hey, not bad for a first attempt with a dinky point-and-shoot! Now I just need to develop the patients to do longer exposures to create even longer videos.


  1. I have a Canon Powershot A3100IS as well and have been trying to figure out a good way to take some time lapse shots, but as you said in this post:
    CHDK doesn't exist for this camera :/  I found your blog by accident and was wondering how you were able to pull this off exactly?  I've been researching the programming too, but if you have a simple solution...I would LOVE to hear it haha.  Thanks!

  2. Hi Emily,
    All I'm doing it taking a series of images back to back (tape the button down) and using settings described here ( except rather than stacking them in the star circle software, I put them into a movie maker as individual frames in a slideshow. Then drop the time between frames as low as possible to adjust the speed. I was using Apple iMovie and the minimum interval was 0.1sec so I ended up doubling the final movie speed to make it play faster.