Saturday, August 19, 2017

Packing for St. Joseph, MO Eclipse Event

I'm getting anxious, I'm packing tonight and then going into work until about midnight, and then hitting the road with my sister at 6am tomorrow morning. Driving from Indianapolis to Kansas City, spending the night and making sure battery packs are charged up, and then driving to St. Joseph bright and early for the gates to open at the viewing location at 6am Monday.

eclipse supplies
My gear, packing light with just the DSLR tripod, tool kit full of batteries various do-hickeys, tape, cardboard, my home made solar filter, welding glasses, solar binoculars, and eclipse glasses. Not pictured: Coolers, lawn chairs, blankets, bottled water. 

It feels bizarre to be packing both sun screen and a poncho! The weather forecast is all over the place for NW Missouri, and I have to keep reminding myself that worst case scenario I don't see the sun at all, it will still get super dark in the middle of the day, and that's part of the experience. The event is more than just observing the sun, we'll be part of a mass migration following a celestial event - so that's my consolation prize if we don't see the sun at all.

Cloud cover forecast as of today. Hoping for thin clouds or plenty of holes!

If it's partly cloudy, I'd like to at least get some photos of the eclipsed sun at any stage. I've been looking up eclipse photos through clouds and they actually make the eclipse more interesting in terms of photo composition, so I'll definitely take what I can get!

eclipse gum
Didn't even realize the brand of car gum I've been using for years is eclipse gum, heh heh, I wonder if they are planning some big ad campaign or something

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