Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to Bulk Delete iPhone Photos: Hundreds or All Photos at Once

There is a new and better way to delete all the photos from your iPhone at once, or just choose hundreds or thousands at once without wiping them all out. You can do it all from within the iPhone, you no longer have to download a special app or hook it up to a computer. I was amazing it was so simple, I wanted to delete over 4000 photos at once without erasing my settings. I couldn't believe it was so easy to quickly do a bulk photo delete like this. Hopefully this simple tutorial walk through graphic shows you how to do it super quick:

  1. Open your Photos and click 'Select' in the top right.
  2. Rather than tapping each photo one at a time, slide right to select an entire row. This already saves a lot of time but we can do better...
  3. Slide right and then down at a right angle to select an array or rectangle of photos, you are drawing with your finger the rectangle you want to select. 
  4. Ok not bad but we can do better. Slide right and then down off the bottom of the screen, you can actually scroll to the bottom and select hundreds of photos at once to delete.

how to delete all iphone photos or lots at the same time
Simple steps to delete all or hundreds of iPhone photos at the same time without additional apps or hooking the phone up to a computer. Give it a try and comment below!

What do you think? Was this a simple way to delete lots of iPhone photos at the same time? Comment below if you like this tip!

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