Tuesday, November 24, 2015

500th Blog Post Stats Spectacular!

It's my 500th post on Stellar Neophyte Astronomy Blog! I thought I'd mark the occasion with some unnecessarily detailed stats about the journey so far.

I published post #1 on April 26, 2012 - that was 3 years 6 months and 30 days ago. OMG I was in my 20's back then!

My longest hiatus was 99 days starting May 9, 2015 when I returned the lenses I was borrowing from my mother-in-law so she could take them on vacation.

My second longest hiatus was 47 days starting September 23, 2012 and coincides with when we got our first puppy. I've only had a total of 4 breaks longer than 20 days - not too bad! I think it's safe to say I found a hobby with some staying power.

I've photographed 5 comets:
Out of 256 different label tags, my most-used label is Moon with 118 posts tagged.

I photographed (often very poorly) 64 out of 110 of the Messier objects catalog. Little fuzzy gray blobs still count as long as you can identify them!

I photographed the 2012 transit of Venus, 2 total lunar eclipses, and 1 partial solar eclipse.

In almost 4 years I generated 409GB of data in approximately 48,403 shutter actuations across 2 camera bodies.

My blog has received 374,581 all-time pageviews. My most popular post was How to Photograph the Moon on an iPhone using Exposure Lock, which received 54,760 of those pageviews.

blog traffic graph
Traffic spikes during months with newsworthy astronomical events

I noticed a while ago that my blog traffic follows the lunar cycle, and also spikes whenever astronomical events are in the news. The biggest spike was during the September 27 super blood moon lunar eclipse with 7,250 sessions in one day.

blog traffic graph
Traffic spikes during the full moon

In case you're curious, I've made $383.77 with Google Adsense so far, which comes out to just over $0.75 per post - a fact that I probably won't share with my husband who gets annoyed by the amount of time I spend blogging :)

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