Friday, October 31, 2014

Point and Shoot Star Trails Edited in Snapseed

It's been a while since I did star trails using my point and shoot camera. Here is a stack of 234 frames the other night. I put my camera down on a rock in the corner of my backyard looking back at the house. I straightened the photo and edited it in Snapseed to give it a dramatic HDR effect which helps to remove some of the 'glow' from the house and bring your attention to the sky.

star trails with hdr effect
234 frames with Canon Powershot A3100IS, each at ISO 800, 6.2mm, f/2.7, 15 sec, stacked in StarStaX, edited in Snapseed
canon powershot star trails
Same photo as above, stacked in StarStaX but not yet edited

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