Sunday, March 9, 2014

Incomplete! IAS Novice/Urban Observing List for February 2014

These darn double and triple stars are a real challenge. With my new 6mm eyepiece, I think my Meade 285 refractor has the chops for a lot of them - I just haven't been taking my scope out in the snow and dog poop mine field. I was able to photograph the open clusters. M50 was a new one for me, and I got to re-visit M35 and M41. Messier object 41 was actually my first open cluster I ever photographed about a year ago, so it was nice to see how far I've come with equipment and techniques to make my images much prettier.

M35, open cluster in GeminiM41, open cluster in Canis Major

jupiter snippetM50, open cluster in Monoceros

Oceanus Procellarium

  • M35, open cluster in Gemini
  • Beta Monocerotis, William Herschel’s “Wonder Star”, triple star in Monoceros
  • M41, open cluster in Canis Major
  • 12 Lyncis, triple star in Lynx
  • Jupiter, planet currently in Gemini ✔ (no corresponding blog post)
  • M50, open cluster in Monoceros
  • NGC 2392, the “Eskimo Nebula” (Caldwell 39), planetary nebula in Gemini
  • Castor (Alpha Geminorum), double star in Gemini
  • Mare Tranquillitatis, first quarter Moon
  • Oceanus Procellarium, third quarter Moon ✔ (no corresponding blog post)
  • Challenge Object: Sirius, double star in Canis Major

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