Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twilight Perspectives and Venus in a Tree

I was inspired by Astro Bob's "Christmas conjunction" photos and wanted to take some twilight perspective shots of my own. I don't have any cool Christmas lights in my area yet, but I do have a couple pine trees. I wanted to see what I could do with Venus and the Moon relatively low in the sky, and also try some handheld shooting.

I'm an avid tripod and shutter release user, so handheld scares me a little when it comes to low light shots. But I do recognize that when it comes to getting the perfect angle for an alignment, you need the freedom to play a little to get it just right. Although I love my moon/wind chime alignment, it was a huge pain to run back and forth trying to find the right position from the tripod height and not my own perspective.

venus pine tree
Venus above a pine tree. Venus looks so big because the pine tree is in focus and Venus is out of focus.

venus in a tree
Venus in a tree at twilight, handheld with DSLR

venus pine tree twilight
Venus on top of a larger tree

venus pine tree twilight
Venus is the "star" on top of the tree!

moon in tree twilight
This is the moon over a pine tree

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