Friday, August 3, 2012

ISS returns to evening sky in Ohio

iss flyover pass time visible in Ohio
Evening ISS predictions for NW Ohio
In Ohio, the International Space Station hasn't been visible in the evening since June 28, 2012. From my location, the ISS went into hiding from June 28 until July 19 - after which it was only visible after 2:00am (Source: Heavens Above)

August 5 at 10:46pm the ISS will soar into the evening sky over Ohio, with its first visible pass before midnight in over a month! Between Sunday, August 5 - Friday, August 10 the Midwest will be treated to several spectacular passes, with some approaching the visual magnitude of Venus.

Check your local listings (haha) for the exact time, altitude, and azimuth of the pass. Here are the numbers for Bowling Green, Ohio.
Sunday, Aug. 5: -1.1 mag, 16° alt, 22:46 ET 
Monday, Aug. 6: -2.7 mag, 34° alt, 21:53 ET
Monday, Aug. 6: -1.3 mag, 27° alt, 23:30 ET 
Tuesday, Aug. 7: -2.6 mag, 53° alt, 22:36 ET 
Wednesday, Aug. 8: -3.4 mag, 82° alt, 21:43 ET 
Thursday, Aug. 9: -1.1 mag, 28° alt, 22:27 ET 
Friday, Aug. 10: -2.2 mag, 45° alt, 21:33 ET

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