Thursday, May 10, 2012

iPhone time lapse cloud medley in 720p

We had some amazing clouds in Bowling Green today. I tried to film them outside but my tripod was too flimsy in the 40 mph wind gusts, so the only usable time lapse footage I ended up with came through my bedroom window.

This is my first time lapse video that includes post-production. I cut out some over-exposed frames, added transitions to merge the three videos together, and even cropped out a bit of windowsill that I overlooked when setting up for 2 hours of filming.

Here is what the third clip looked like before zoom cropping it, yikes:

poorly framed time lapse clouds

I'm using iMovie because it's the only thing I have on my new computer. I hear Quicktime Pro is pretty good. I miss my Sony Vegas that I use to have on my old PC!

editing time lapse cloud footage in iMovie

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  1. lovely! thank you for posting - i'm just getting started with cloud and star images - very inspirational work.